Our History

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” ― Pablo Picasso

The mission of the Meridian Arts Foundation is to nurture Meridian’s bounty of art, culture and heritage. Our programs support and promote individual artists and artisans, as well as the visual and performing arts, literary arts, and cultural institutions and programs.

The MAF was formed in 2012 to provide a way for our citizens and businesses to become more involved in the growing arts community in Meridian.  Over the years, the MAF has been a proud supporter of the Treasure Valley Children’s Theatre, Meridian Symphony, Concerts on Broadway, and many other artists in our city.  

The MAF’s annual Grant program looks to empower those who make art a part of Meridian in a way that educates, enriches and enlivens adults and children alike.  We all benefit when the Arts thrive, and we are proud of our role in helping that community grow in Meridian.

The MAF has forged a strategic partnership with the Meridian Arts Commission, the city's government arts agency, linking its mission to the Arts Commission's goals of:

  • Arts Awareness
  • Arts Education
  • Arts Participation

While operating independently of one another, the partnership between these two organizations allows them to maximize resources and realize the greatest impact from programming and financial support.